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Conductor introduces Unlimited keywords

Today, people are searching online more than ever before. Of the 20 billion searches each day, more than 1 in 5 keyword searches is completely net-new. That’s a lot of new questions being asked of search engines with an infinite collection…

Semrush plans to go public after posting big 2020 growth

Semrush on Monday declared it is planning on going public through an initial public offering of its Class A A typical stock. The company will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker sign “SEMR.” The numbers. The Form S-1…

The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2023

SEO concepts have constantly improved over the years. Considering the importance of being up-to-date in SEO concepts, we decided to prepare The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2023 for you at Mag Digital. be with us. How does Google know how

Best Image Search Engines

Table of contents1. TinEye Reverse Image Search Engine2. Google Images3. Yahoo Image Search4. Bing Image Search5. Pinterest Visual Search Tool6. Openverse7. Flickr Nowadays, the lowly image search is not so lowly anymore. You can find

User-Generated Content — The secret SEO weapon

Table of contentsWhy is user-generated content important?Different Kinds of user-generated content:How to combine UGC into your marketing strategy:The following are some ways that companies can combine User-Generated Content into a content