Google released Google Ads API version 7.0


This is an upgrade from version 6.1.0 which was released on April 10, 2021. be with us magdigital.

Google has released a new version of the Google Ads API. This is version 7.0, which is an upgrade from version 6.1.0 which was released on April 10, 2021.

What is the Google Ads API. The Google Ads API lets you programmatically interface with your Google Ads accounts so that you can automatically bring in reporting to your own stack, and/or build in procedures to automate your ad creation, change your bids or bidding strategies and more.

The API enables developers to interact directly with the Google Ads platform. Some features include…

  • Automated account management
  • Custom reporting
  • Ad management based on inventory
  • Manage Smart Bidding strategies

What is new in version 7.0. There is a full list of changes in the release notes if you want to do a deep dive, but here are some highlights:

New assets for test accounts including callout assets, structured snippet assets, and sitelinks assets
Promotion assets are available both in production and test accounts

Keyword Planning tool supports refining keywords using annotation data, selecting custom date ranges for search volume, requesting aggregated metrics for generating keyword ideas and for keywords in a keyword plan
Manage bidding strategy and campaign simulations

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