Ads aren’t addressing climate change


CreativeX releases an examination of over a quarter of a million ads in time for Earth Day. be with us in magdigital.

April 22 was Earth Day, as good a time as any to ask what brands are doing to communicate to their audience about climate change. The creative analytics platform CreativeX investigated some 280,000 global ads to understand what brands are saying about climate change, and how their messaging varies by region.

The conclusion was that brands are ignoring a chance to engage consumers with useful ESG (environment, social, and governance) messaging — at a time when consumers are ready to listen.
Few ads indicate climate change. Although over 80% of respondents to a Global Consumer Confidence Survey, across age and gender, felt intensely that brands should help improve the environment, only 2% of the ads analyzed by CreativeX referred to positive climate initiatives.

Many brands do have a story to tell. PepsiCo, Heineken, and Nestlé are just some of the high-profile brands that have publicly challenged themselves to decrease emissions and reach other climate-related purposes. There seems to be no justification to communicate that story: research indicates consumers will pay more for environmentally friendly products and services.

Variations across industries and areas. Some brands do see a requirement to disperse positive messages. The automotive industry, for example, is keen to talk about fewer emissions and electric vehicles. It directs industries in climate-related ad content, followed by fashion.

EMEA led regions with 3.7% of ads addressing climate-related topics, with France leading the region. Latin America had the lowest percentage, although consumers are as extremely invested in environmental protection in that area as consumers in Europe.

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