Google Ads to roll out dynamic exclusion lists in coming weeks


Dynamic exclusion lists can make it easier for your brand to avoid showing near unwanted content while needing less of the advertiser’s time and attention ongoing. Be with us in mag digital.

Brand safety has been a top priority for many companies over the past year, and Google’s new dynamic exclusion lists help advertisers avoid showing ads near content they wish to avoid.

“Once advertisers upload a dynamic exclusion list to their Google Ads account, they can design automatic updates as new web pages or parts are added, guaranteeing that their exclusion lists remain effective and up-to-date. This element will be available to all users within the coming weeks,” said the announcement.

Paid search marketers used ‘advertiser controls’ formerly. Before this update, the “advertiser controls” options in Google Ads allowed search marketers to exclude specific websites, content types, and entire topics from campaigns. However, in the recent form, many advertisers — and especially smaller businesses — were unable to keep going. “We’ve heard from some of our partners that the current tools in place for obstructing web pages or websites need dedicated resources and periodic updating, which can be a challenge for any advertiser, but especially smaller ones with restricted staff and in-house expertise,” said Alejandro Borgia, director of ads privacy & safety.

“Advertisers and agencies can create their exclusion lists or use lists from authorized third parties, such as brand safety organizations and industry groups, which can be updated seamlessly,” tweeted Ginny Marvin, ads product liaison.

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