Google Discover performance report now includes all data


Also be on the look out for the new origin referrer for Chrome Google Discover traffic.

Google announced that the Discover performance report within Google Search Console will now include all data, including Chrome data. As you may know, users can access stories from Google Discover in multiple ways. One way is in the Google Search app or on’s home page. But also, Discover can be seen when you open new tab in Chrome on Android or iOS.

Google will now show not just the data from Google Search app or on’s home page but also from Chrome.

What is Google Discover? Google Discover is the new name for Google Feed and shows you topics and news items around items that interest you. With Google Discover you can get information about your interests, like your favorite sports team or news site, without searching for them.

What is new. Google said “we are now providing a single place in Search Console to see all your site’s Discover impressions and click stats, including from Chrome.” That new Discover data that Google is showing you in this Discover report is from Chrome, Google’s web browser.

New referrer. Google said that “starting with a small percentage of traffic today and rolling out gradually, Discover traffic from Chrome will be using a new origin referrer so it is consistent with what’s used for Discover on the Google app. This will replace the previous referrer.”

When will you see this data. Google said you should start seeing this data over the “next few months.” Google said “this data will gradually appear in your site’s Search Console Discover performance report.” So expect changes in your data within your Discover performance report.

What is the Discover report. The Discover report in Google Search Console will answer the following questions:

How often is my site shown in users’ Discover? How large is my traffic?
Which pieces of content perform well in Discover?
How does my content perform differently in Discover compared to traditional search results?

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